I have a small porcelain rabbit which i found for 20 cents in a cat protection society op shop - i call it my guardian angel because i kind of fell head over heels in love with it’s tiny, happy face. One day the wind knocked him off my windowsill and he broke his head off, but i glued him back together. I love this bunny baby so much that i turned it into a fabric design. This is the result! These dresses will be available once i can take some nicer photographs.

Sewing a crop top and making some puffy brooches from leftover ice-cream fabric that i designed.

Makeup dress, Eyes dress, Grumpy Girls dress, Swans dress.

Textile design and sewing by myself.

A sneak peek!

A few weeks ago i designed a bunch of textiles and these are the dresses that i made from them! 

(my god, the sewing machine is a tough mistress. Any dressmakers here who would like to chat about this stuff or swap tips and expertise with someone who is starting out?)

Spent today sewing  a dress for my buddy Rainbow Chan to wear to our combined exhibition at world bar next week. Made from biscuit fabric that i designed!

Canvas  by  andbamnan